Workplace Inspections in Alberta

Inspections are an excellent way of gathering information that can be used to avert incidents, injuries and illnesses in the workplace. These in-depth examinations help identify and record workplace hazards that need to be addressed.

In Alberta, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) officers have the authority to conduct inspections in provincially regulated workplace and hold these companies responsible for complying with the OHS Act.

How Are Workplace Inspections Typically Done?

Inspections conducted by the OHS are typically done without notice. In the inspection, the officer may conduct activities, such as the following, to uncover information about the workplace:

  • Taking measurement, samples, recording or photos
  • Speaking with witnesses
  • Asking for and making copies of documentation

To effectively conduct an inspection, OHS officers will use a variety of tools, such as:

  • Giving health and safety presentations
  • Meeting with staff or management
  • Serving violation tickets
  • Issuing orders

We can help you with understanding, preventing, accommodating or appealing a workplace inspection.

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