Safety and Health Training in Manitoba 

Per Manitoba’s Workplace Safety and Health Act, you are legally required to ensure the safety of your employees. Part of this includes providing training on how to operate tools and equipment and to overall maintain a safe workplace for all, in the spirit of the Internal Responsibility System. And SAFE Work Manitoba is an excellent resource for providing safety and health training & certifications to your employees. 

SAFE Work Manitoba 

SAFE Work Manitoba is a division of the WCB and offers prevention education and safety programming to employers across the province. The body offers in-person and virtual workshops, E-Learning webinars, access to safety conferences/other events, and certification programs (e.g. SAFE Work Certification). 

SAFE Work Manitoba provides an array of training programs and workshops to businesses across the province. Registration for these programs should be done in consultation with your Industry-Based Safety Program (IBSP), which supports safe workplaces by providing solutions to risks and hazards which are specific to your industry. 

Examples of training programs offered through SAFE Work Manitoba include: 

  • SAFE Committee Basics
  • Supervisors and SAFE Work 
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Control
  • Investigating Workplace Incidents

Training for safety and health committees and reps 

As an employer in Manitoba, based on headcount, you are required to establish either a safety and health committee or appoint a representative. Both set the policy for your safety and health plan, identify risks in the workplace, and develop the safety and health training programs. And to do so, they need to receive safety and health training themselves. 

As an employer, you must ensure the committee member or rep is: 

  • Provided with safety and health training. 
  • Allowed to take the greater of 16 hours or the number of hours the member works across two weeks to attend training. 
  • Paid according to their regular pay rate throughout the run of the course. 
  • Trained on how to competently fulfill their duties.

Still have questions?

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