What is Manitoba’s Workplace Safety and Health Act?

In Manitoba, The Workplace Safety and Health Act and Regulation (WSA) sets the safety and health requirements for provincially regulated businesses in the province.

Officers enforce the WSA through inspections, investigations, and prosecutions. In Manitoba, officers conduct roughly 5,000 inspections per year with 50% of those inspections resulting in one or more compliance orders being issued.

The Act has two associated pieces of legislation which support safety and health in the province.

They are:

  • The Operation of Mines Regulation
  • The Administrative Penalty Regulation

Safety and health committees and health & safety reps

Establishing a Workplace Safety and Health Committee (or appointing a representative) allows for a formal system for safety and health to be created. One which involves workers in identifying hazards, investigating incidents, and resolving complaints in the workplace. The WSA requires most employers to have a Safety and Health Committee in place to help assess and protect the workplace. Businesses with 20 or more employees must establish a Safety and Health Committee. While employers with more than four but fewer than 20 workers must have a worker representative. The committee’s job is to advise the employer about safety and health concerns and present recommendations. The employer is not required to follow these recommendations if they believe alternative corrective measures will address any raised concerns.

Workplace Safety and Health Act review

At least every five years, Manitoba Safety & Health reviews the WSA. The review incorporates feedback from employers, workers, and technical representatives. A review was conducted in the latter half of 2022 which aimed to ensure the Act:

  • Works in tandem with other jurisdictions effectively.
  • Establishes protections that meet the current needs of workplaces in Manitoba.
  • Clearly states requirements and ensures that they are reasonable.
  • Meets obligations set by the Regulatory Accountability Act.

This past year, Safety & Health accepted open proposals which were then sent to the Workplace Safety and Health Review Committee for consideration through EngageMB. This means as an employer in Manitoba, you have the opportunity to have real influence over the direction of safety & health policy in the province.

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