Duties of Employers Saskatchewan

The collective commitment to health & safety 

In Saskatchewan, everyone has a legal obligation to ensure workplace safety in accordance with the Saskatchewan Employment Act. 

Everyone in the workplace is required to: 

  • Be aware of their responsibilities. 
  • Have required knowledge (education, training, and certification).
  • Be provided with the authority, resources, and necessary time. 

Your responsibilities as an employer 

As an employer, you’re required to meet the minimum health & safety requirements as set the Saskatchewan Employment Act, including providing a copy of the Act to your employees. 

As an employer you must: 

  • Ensure a safe and healthy workplace. 
  • Develop and maintain an effective health and safety program. 
  • Establish an Occupational Health Committee (OHC) or appoint a health and safety representative. 
  • Cooperate with your OHC (or rep) and receive input on your health and safety program. 
  • Ensure managers and supervisors are trained, supported, and fulfill their workplace health and safety requirements. 
  • Measure the health and safety performance of your managers and supervisors. 
  • Provide workers with the information, training, certification, supervision, and experience to safely do their job. 
  • Keep meeting minutes OHC or rep on file and readily available. 
  • Protect workers from harassment in the workplace. 
  • Meet all legal health and safety requirements.

Still need help? 

If you still need help understanding your responsibilities to health and safety as an employer in Saskatchewan, we can help. We’ll keep you informed on what is expected of you – whether its creating a health and safety committee or providing health & safety training to your workers. Call Health & Safety Help today at 1 (306) 955-0658 and an expert will be happy to assist you.