What is the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation? 

In Saskatchewan, the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Regulation sets the health and safety requirements for provincially regulated businesses. The OHS legislation is enforced by Saskatchewan’s Occupational health officers through inspections, investigations, and prosecutions.

Employer Responsibilities Under OHS Regulations

Saskatchewan’s employers have a duty to protect the health and safety of their workers. They must do everything they can in preventing injury, illnesses, and death in the workplace. To ensure employers fulfill this duty, the OHS requires employers to do the following:

  • Keep the workplace safe by protecting, training, and supervising employees.
  • Educate employees on their rights under Saskatchewan’s OHS legislation.
  • Consult the health and safety representative or joint health and safety committee when resolving workplace health and safety concerns.
  • Cooperate with employees complying with OHS legislation.
  • Provide employees with information on hazards and health and safety in the workplace, including a copy of the OHS Regulation.
  • Develop a health and safety policy and program.

Check to make sure you are fulfilling these criteria in your workplace. Is your business compliant with the OHS Regulation?

Establishing a Health and Safety Representative or Joint Work Site Health and Safety Committee 

Saskatchewan requires employers to have a health and safety representative or joint health and safety committee to help assess and protect the workplace. Based on the number of employees, a business must have one or the other:

  • Fewer than 10 employees: health and safety representative
  • 10 or more employees: joint health and safety committee

Reps and committees work to involve your staff in the safety of your business. By working together, you can reduce hazards, have open communication, and ensure the safety of everyone at your workplace

Need help complying with Occupation Health and Safety legislation?

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