What is the WCB?

The Workers Compensation Board directs Alberta’s worker compensation system. It protects employers and workers from the impacts of workplace injuries and illnesses. When employees are injured at work, the WCB offers wage-replacement benefits and medical aid. And they’ll even help your business get back to normal and employees back to work.

The WCB is funded with premiums paid by employers. And almost every business in Alberta must register with them. They have 15 days to do so after hiring their first employee. This includes sub-contractors and volunteers.

But the WCB also acts as a form of security from legal claims. Workers entitled to benefits from WCB are unable to sue their employer when the injury occurs at work.

The WCB and small business

The WCB gives employer’s peace of mind through financial security and protection from costly lawsuits.

Employers who don’t register, but are required to, leave themselves open to financial risk. If an injury occurs and you’re not covered, you may be responsible for both the worker’s claim cost and your unpaid premiums. This could be disastrous for a small business.

As such, employers must know their responsibilities and fulfill them. The main ones to keep in mind are:

  • Report any incidents to the WCB.
  • Keeping records and receipts.
  • In case of a workplace incident, complete an injury report and submit it to the WCB.

Compliance is critical to the success of any small business. And our experts are here to help ensure you’re following WCB procedures. We can also help you put in the right health & safety policies to protect your staff and workplace.

Have more questions about the WCB?

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